Waiakea And Drinking Water From The Right Source

When it comes to water, one could convince himself that he is drinking pure water. There are a lot of companies that bottle water with the insistence that it is pure and gathered from high quality sources. However, further look at those companies show that their products are barely anymore pure than tap water. Learn […]

Josh Verne

Josh Verne is well-known as a entrepreneur. As co-founder and CEO of workpays.me, he helped create a simplified way for people to make purchases. This convenient process was based on deductions.   The key to using deductions was that it allowed consumers to plan carefully and see where their money is going. Also, it eliminated […]

Personal Life and Work of Dick DeVos

My parents are Helen June and Richard Marvin DeVos. I was born Dick DeVos in October 1955. I graduated from Forest Hills public school in my home town of Grand Rapids, Micigans.I have a Bachelor’s Degree from Northwood University in business administration. Later on Dick DeVos and I attended Harvard Business School. I am the […]

Buyer Remorse: How About Auto Loan Remorse?

There are many reasons why an individual will wish to reduce monthly payments, with regard to an automobile loan. Places, such as Ignition Financial, are up to the challenge of assuring each of their clients are afforded with a re-fi solution that greatly reduces this monthly expense. It is correct to state, that many persons, […]