Technological Solutions That Paul Mampilly Predicts Will Gain Traction in 2019

The rise of voice search

If you have been watching consumer trends, one thing that easily pops up is an increase in the sales of smart speakers such as the Amazon Echo and the Google Home. The sales of speaker form companies just entering the smart speaker market is also on the rise. From this, we can easily assert that smart speakers are becoming increasingly becoming popular within the household. Search engines are experiencing a surge in voice searches, and they predict that soon, voice searches will overtake text searches.

With this paradigm shift, search engines are gearing for the change by designing algorithms that will favor voice searches. It is expected that companies will alter how they reach their clients. Paul Mampilly predicts that search engines will favor businesses or firms that are embracing voice searches and as a result, these enterprises will feature at the top of search results. Consequently, these enterprises will perform better than their counterparts stuck in text-based searches.

Big Data Will Be More Accessible

The accessibility of Big Data has been part of modern-day talking points. And as usual, its inaccessibility by small firms, medium enterprises, and start-up has been highly debated. As Paul Mampilly says, 2019 will bring good news to the enterprises that from the onset have been locked out from accessing and utilizing Big Data. As technology becomes more sophisticated and robust, accessing Big Data will not require very massive infrastructure as is the case hence making it more accessible.

More Sources of Consumer Data

According to Paul Mampilly, Data is the 21st-century oil and anyone trying to convince you otherwise would be lying. But in most instances, companies both for-profit and not-for-profit have been having a restricted or inflexible source of consumer data. But this is going to change as we ease into 2019. Paul Mampilly predicts that the reliance on consumer data from firms like Facebook, firms in the tech industry, and whole foods will be hit with a drop since there will be the emergence of alternative sources of consumer data a great example being from location-based services and maps apps.
Paul Mampilly’s 10 Predictions for Business in 2019

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