A New Approach to Delivery of Goods by JD.com

For the last two decades, JD.com has revolutionized the online retail market in Asia. The company, which is currently the biggest online retailer entity, has over the years invested heavily in delivery structures to its customers. One of the recent notable developments includes drone delivery services to customers around China. This year, however, the company announced the future use of underground delivery services.Why underground delivery system? China, like most developed countries, has a challenge of traffic jams. Traffic jam has a significant influence on the speed of delivery vans. It is hard to make delivery on time and a 24 hours delivery criterion is hard to achieve.

However, with the new proposed parcel delivery system, less time will be wasted on the transportation of goods to the customer. An underground delivery unit will make a 24-hour delivery to become a reality. This new proposed delivery will not only ensure that there are timely deliveries but also cost-effective.In addition, an underground delivery system is a way out of global warming. According to pundits, more gasses are emitted while goods are transported on the road as opposed to alternative delivery methods. This new proposed delivery method will cement the JD.com business role in advocating a sustainable environment.

Some of the notable entities in this futuristic project include Nankai University, which specializes in transportation and innovation, and Shanghai (Municipal Engineering Design) Institute. The two institutions will explore ways to maximize speed in the proposed delivery system and possibilities of incorporating the existing systems. When the project is done, customers will not only enjoy timely deliveries but also enjoy expanded an e-commerce market.The main reason why JD.com has always been a leader in the online retail market is the composition of the leadership team which by any standard, it is brilliant. The overall CEO, Richard Liu has over the years led the company to become the future of e-commerce. It is interesting to note that each unit of JD.com has a comprehensive team of experts. For example, Lei Xu (Chief Marketing Officer) and Zhenhui Wang (head of logistics) have different job descriptions even though they are CEOs in their respective units.