All About Traveling Vineyard

Traveling Vineyard is among the well known multi-level marketing companies in the world.

The story of this company started back in 2001 after holding its first in home wine tasting. One can easy tell that the company mainly deals in selling of wine. Other than wine, Traveling Vineyard Company also deals in selling of chillers, openers as well as decanters. The company is a also among members of the Direct Selling Association.

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How Traveling Vineyard Company works

Before one can actually start earning, he/she would be expected to first join Traveling Vineyard and then become a wine guide. The compensation plan is quite critical since it would determine whether a member would receive a great income opportunity or not.

Members of Traveling Vineyard Company are paid close to 35 percent of their personal generated orders. Members receive this payment in the name of personal marketing fee. These personal marketing fees are paid to members for the marketing services that they provide. Basically, members of Traveling Vineyard receive their payment 3 times in a month on certain specified dates.

Traveling Vineyard Company claims that almost all their wine guide make around 100 percent in every event. Traveling Vineyard also gives its members an incentive trip if they have done well. The earnings of a Traveling Vineyard member would mainly depend on both their down line sales as well as on their personal sales. In addition to that, members of Traveling Vineyard also earn on the basis of their level in the company. Traveling Vineyard’s website has testimonials of various wine guides that have done well.