All You Need To Know About The Prosperous Entrepreneur, Livio Bisterzo

Livio Bisterzo is an Italian native and a successful entrepreneur who currently resides in Los Angeles with his beloved family. He is also a talented CEO and acclaimed founder of Green Park Holdings.

Livio relocated to study at the University of Art in London, UK, in 1999. Livio began his first venture, in 2003, when he established events enterprise. First, he founded a business portfolio in hospitality and consumer brands, then lifestyle businesses.

Livio collaborated with RNA Corporation, a leading Private label manufacturer in Chicago, to create a high-end skincare line for men’s grooming called Kyoku for Men products. He resigned from the enterprise, in 2010, and invested and acquired Little Miracles, a prestigious Danish start-up beverage enterprise, in 2011.

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Green Park

Livio launched his current company, Green Park Holdings, in 2015. Green Park Brands is a food innovation company in the nutritional and health sector. The company aims to establish a portfolio that focuses on “Better for you” propositions through operating brands with a long-lasting social impact and cultural change. Similarly, the company has a vision of leading the agenda to achieve optimistic change in the food and drink industry.

Green Park launched its first brand called Hippeas, organic chicken puffs, in 2016. Hippeas was developed to appeal to the growing healthy and socially conscious consumers. The product was updated from the original hippie age for millennial consumers. Livio Bisterzo praised Hippeas because it was growing to become the future worldwide snack brand. He also mentioned that the company developed Hippeas to provide consumers with an affordable, premium, and a better-for-you proposition. Moreover, the brand and product symbolized leading snacking trends globally. Hippeas is featured with a bold brand story, comprehensible health credentials, and enthusiastic flavor profiles. Hippeas has successfully collaborated with Farm Africa to emphasize its purpose to life. Additionally, it is planning to hit wholesale’s and retail’s shelves this summer thus shaking-up the snacking markets globally.


Livio’s brands and successes have been quoted and featured in The Times, Sunday Style, Harpers, Vanity Fair, and The FT. He was also nominated among the 1000 most influential people in London by the renowned Evening Standard in 2009.