Artistic Collaboration between Chris Burch and Chef Morataya

Serial entrepreneur Chris Burch is widely popular in the business community all around the world. His ventures are only limited by his own imagination, and he has a lot of that. That is why he tends to work with people that are also talented and highly innovative by nature.   Have an overview of his diverse investments, check this.

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Mr. Chris Burch also knows how to work hard, but he also knows how to have a good time. He is known for his summer parties which he throws every year. This year, he hired a highly innovative Chef to do the catering. Chef Andres Morataya is known on an international scale for his unique approach to preparing food. He turns cooking into an art to behold. Chef Andres Morataya starts from the ground up in a quite literal meaning. Chef Andres Morataya prepares a place on the ground where he will be establishing his cooking station. He puts hard work into making grills from scratch. While modern cooking and kitchen equipment get the job done well, it does not allow for much creativity. Chef Andres Morataya purposefully limits himself when t comes to equipment and relies on his imagination instead. His favorite way to prepare octopus is to place in on a forage hay over the open fire, and he also cooks chicken in a bottle with the bottom cut off while the juices are dripping onto soup through the neck of the bottle.  Check for additional article.

The approach of Chef Andres Morataya towards preparing meals also doubles as a show for the guests as he cooks outside where he has enough space to let him do his magic without the limitations of the dedicated kitchen. In October this year of 2017, Chef Andres Morataya and Mr. Chris Burch will continue their partnership, and the famous chef will be providing his unique way of cooking and his concepts to the Nihi Sumba Island- the resort that Mr. Chris Burch established a few years ago. The five-star luxury resort is located on Sumba island in Indonesia. It was deemed paradise on Earth by the guests as well as by magazines and charts. In fact, Nihi Sumba Island was titled Best Resort in the World in 2016.  Click on for more reading. The presence and craft of Chef Andres Morataya will also be an attraction to many of the visitors who wish to observe his unique methods as well as taste the results. October will be a great month for visitors of the resort.  More to read here

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