Brad Reifler Started Forefront Capital for The Common Man

Brad Reifler left Bowdoin College after graduation to immediately enter into the world of financial services and planning. He was instantly successful. He was a start trader at Refco and started his first business later. Reifler Trading Company eventually performed so well that it was later acquired by Refco. Eventually, he went on to become a founding partner, chairman, and CEO of Pali Capital, which was a global financial services firm.

Throughout his career in financial services and planning, Brad Reifler learned about the disadvantages and inherent injustices of Wall St. and the general financial system throughout the United States. He chose to start Forefront Capital as a way to combat these issues on Wall St. and allow middle class Americans to invest with the same interest and vigor as the top 1%.

One issue that Brad Reifler notices was unnecessarily damaging management fees that were associated with portfolios help by major investment firms and financial service companies. Essentially, brokers charged the same flat rate on managing a portfolio regardless of the performance of that portfolio. This meant that brokers could act on their own accord and not be held accountable for their performance while still getting richer and richer. Middle class Americans are specifically hurt by this because they usually can not afford the management fees, let alone the additional fees that are stacked on top of the profits they make. Forefront Capital, on the other hand, charges no management fees, making them the realistic choice for middle class Americans.

Next, Forefront Capital opens up many avenues of financial investment options that were not previously available to small time investors. For example, the very wealthy were always able to invest in private equity firms and hedge funds. Middle class Americans, however, were strictly limited to options that were closely tied to the volatile performance of the stock market as a result of their lack of certification. Forefront Capital, however, promises safe portfolios that perform much better than the standard non-accredited stock options.

Overall, Forefront Capital is a revolution in investment for middle class Americans who have been previously disadvantaged.