Brian Torchin’s History in Health Practices

Brian Torchin is a successful healthcare professional who found his niche in the degree of exercise science during his college career. He started off his career at the University of Delaware, where he received his education and bachelor’s degree. He has also worked with sports medicine and physical therapy in the past. Since then, he has continuously worked in chiropractics and health practices, and in March of 2005 he founded Health Care Recruitment Counselors (HCRC) Staffing, of which he is currently President and CEO.

Torchin’s thorough education and training allow him to lend a powerful hand to his field, making him worthy of respect and admiration from his fellow health workers and employees. The world of medicine, and especially chiropractics, is a more prosperous place with the help of the opportunities he and HCRC have put into play.

Torchin spent many years in the work force as a chiropractor, until he eventually came to realize the monumental difficulties of finding work, particularly within the medical field. Not only does he help recruit chiropractors for patients suffering from back pain, but he also uses his skill and hard work to bring medical practitioners together with hospitals. His goal is to increase communication between these two sides of the same coin and create a better medical field for all parties. The company shows off opportunities for dentist, physical therapy, physician assistant jobs, and dozens of others for the benefit of those involved in medicine.

In addition to his success in Delaware, Brian Torchin has also practiced and managed offices in Florida and Pennsylvania. His company HCRC Staffing is based in Philadelphia, PA, but also expands across the United States and multiple other countries in order to offer health opportunities to medical professionals around the world.  Check out Brian on Twitter @healthcarerc.