Cassio Audi on Drums

Being a founder of the famous band, Viper Rock Band and with his well-known profession in drumming, Audi dominated the mid 80’s with the music of diverse genres of songs such as pop and rock which consistently made remarkable hits.

With the unity shown by the band members, Andre Machado, Pit Passarell, Yves Passarel and Felipe Machado who were glued to each other, it was almost obvious why they sold so many records and made such hits in their time of domination. They were able to express themselves with the kind of masterpiece and unique music.

The band also combined the professional beats from the drums by Audi, in their demo album, The Killer Sword which debuted with tracks such as Nightmare, Princes from Hell and Killera. This was such a powerful way to come through in the industry which most definitely inspired them to drop an album almost immediately in 1987 named Soldiers of the Sunrise which was an exceptional hit at that time. English was their second language, so the team was seen to have performed exceptionally on the album.

Audi still kept the beats as unique as a state of the art kind of piece being their drummer. The album released got such a warm welcome to the industry as it had a four-star rating by All Music which is such a reputable rating. It was redone severally after its release due to its hits and the kind of reception it received by its fans worldwide.

Audi left the band in 1989 and went to pursue studies where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. The band carried on, however. He then started to dominate the finance industry where he became famously known for the career pursued. The band soon after released a second album, Theatre of Fate which indeed was very successful.

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