Charles Koch on Donald Trump Support

Charles Koch is an American businessman and philanthropist. He was born on the first of November in Wichita, Kansas, the same place where he was raised. Besides being a well-known business person, he is also an active person in American politics and has donated a lot of money to various political activities. Together with his brother David Koch, they co-own Koch Industries, a business that they inherited from their father, Fred Koch. He serves as the chairman of the board and chief executive officer of the Koch Industries.

Charles Koch has had an influence on American politics and in recent days, there have been articles published by reporters that suggest that Charles Koch knows something that may prevent Donald Trump from being a fringe candidate. This is something that the writer says Donald Trump should be aware. These are comments that came up from a conversation between Charles Koch and an ABC reporter right before Donald Trump locked up the nomination, which he could support Hillary Clinton. Though he went ahead to make some rhetoric comments about Hillary Clinton, the message was clear that he is not a conservative camper.

The message was confusing as it is well-known that Charles and his brother David, who lives in Manhattan, are always on the same page. David Koch has close links with Trump. With the comment that came from Charles Koch, it would be good if Donald Trump talked with him, specifically on the point and purpose of politics. This would bring out the reasons why Charles said that it would be possible that he may support Hillary Clinton in the coming elections. The comments are more counter intuitive and have nothing to do with Hillary Clinton but with the challenges that Donald Trump would encounter during the general election.

Every time Charles talks about politics, people listen because he has been involved in American politics for many years and is considered one of the wise people in the conservative movement. It should be clear that it is the conservative movement and not the Republican movement. Just like Donald Trump, Charles Koch is also an outsider despite people labeling him a Republican Death Star. The comments he made is a disappointment on the conservative end in 2016. This can be interpreted to mean a lot. If Charles is disappointed, then the entire national base of conservative contributors is disappointed.