Chris Burch Purchases Nihiwatu On The Luxurious Sumba Island

A lot has been said about the famous investor who loves fashion, Chris Burch. The technology mogul got into a business deal that cost him and James McBride $ 30 million for renovation. In 2015, the restaurant that sits on Sumba Island was opened bearing a new name, Nihiwatu. Nihiwatu bears several rooms that can offer massive accommodation. The hotel sits of an environment that is engulfed with fresh air and beautiful vicinity. When Burch was interviewed about the vision of the project, he said that he did not expect it to perform that well given the risks that were involved in landing the deal. Presently, Nihiwatu offers employment to over 200 people on Sumba Island.   Read more about the resort on

Sumba Island Bears Nihiwatu

Nihiwatu performed well to the extent of earning Burch an interview with Business Jet Traveler. His mission for this project was based on appreciating nature and society. That is the answer he gave to the panel when he asked why he invested in the business. He also factored his children in the equation. Burch said that he was hoping his children will carry the mantle of preserving nature and the environment. Nihiwatu was established with the common man in mind. The project focuses on building societies. Luxurious as it is, the accommodation and food is relatively affordable. This is a travel destination that is not only fun but also peaceful.

Community Support

Nihiwatu Island bears a supportive society. It is also a source of hope to many. Its attractive features include waterfalls, organized rooms designed with the commoner as the destined user. With more than 20 villas, Nihiwatu has well designed rooms for relaxation. Chris Burch has also invested in other business. From fashion, he ventured in technology. His talent has sold him to multiple investors. Chris writes on investment and entrepreneurship. More insights from him here


Chris Burch believes that the success of a business idea relies on its implementation. He uses strategies to land deals in business. Know him more, check this article on  Often, he has applied the talent of others too. Chris Burch holds dear the role of a team leader. In most of his partnerships, he has excelled as the project leader. He determines the success of projects based on the ideas that investors bring to the docket. Burch is multi-skilled. He has skills in management, financial planning, logistics, business unit’s management and public relations. His input in the industry is admired by many investors. Chris is likely to invest in many businesses in future.  Related article on

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