Chris Burch Uses Nihiwatu Resort to Provide Major Employment Opportunities

If you are a novice entrepreneur and investor in fashion and technology, then Chris Burch should be a familiar name to you. For starters, he is well known for his input in fashion and technology. Then, he is prominent for investing in various companies that deal in the same lines of service delivery ( Moreover, he is known as a role model to emerging business people. Because of his vast experience in entrepreneurship, he has been able to win the hearts of several clients and emerging business professionals who can do with some lessons from him. While in the past Chris Burch put in more effort to other businesses, this time, he decided to delve into hospitality.

Giving Birth to Nihiwatu

It all began when Chris Burch met James McBride to discuss a business idea. The duo had several meetings to chant a way forward to purchasing a resort that is located at the center of Sumba Island. After the sessions of discussions with the owners, the business deal was sealed at $30 million inclusive of renovation. Currently, this resort is home to many visitors who want to enjoy themselves on the outskirts of their native land.

Nihiwatu on Sumba Island

Described as a rare yet fascinating area that harbors ancestral memories, Sumba Island was occupied by the people of Maapu who landed there decades ago. Since then, there have been significant beliefs about their powers and calm spirits preoccupying the area. Consistently remaining a benevolent spirit that still has an impact on the community, the area is predominantly cultural and populated by people who hold onto their cultural beliefs.

The Attractive Site

The same area has been a significant attraction site for celebrities like Petra Graves alongside Claude. Following its adventurous nature and captivating visionary scenery, the area is said to be a preserve of breathtaking beauty. Nihi was born from the words Nihiwatu, derived from the meaning of mortar stone.

Contribution to the Society

When Chris Burch saw that there was an opportunity to revive the community by renovating the land and revamping this resort, he took advantage and established a revolutionary structure that has now provided employment opportunities to thousands of Sumba Island’s occupants. Currently, the resort offers local employers fantastic employment opportunities encompassing charity events from the generated profits.

What of Chris Burch and his Other Ventures?

Chris Burch’s entrepreneurial journey began in 1976. At that moment, he was just a student at Ithaca College. Joined by Bob, his brother, the duo invested about $ 2,000 in establishing a clothing line. In a few months, the business had grown to $165 million. Until now, Burch has invested in several companies including with a major celebrity like Ellen DeGeneres on a lifestyle brand that turned out to be successful.

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