Cotemar – Experienced and Efficient Support You Can Trust

Cotemar is a one-hundred-percent Mexican company that is at the forefront of service in the gas and oil industry. Through services focused on the modernization of oil rigs, personnel and material transport, and catering and accommodations aboard oil rigs and ships, Cotemar offers over thirty-eight years of trusted experience to bring the proper support to oil rigs.

At Cotemar, it is understood that efficiency, predictability, and performance are of the utmost importance in the oil and gas world and we are determined to optimize the abilities of our clients projects through providing seamless support.

If you are looking for an all inclusive company that is capable of handling multiple operational needs in a safe, professional manner, look no further than the experienced team at Cotemar. We have a vast array of experience working with rigs and crews on the Gulf of Mexico and below we will detail just a few ways that we provide strong reinforcement for your crew at sea. Read more: Cotemar | Elmanana

For the modernization of oil rigs, Cotemar provides complete assistance from thorough planning, prefabrication, and installation to insure that all offshore processes are able to be handled in a safe and efficient manner.

Cotemar is able to meet the high demand of moving from multiple complexes offshore in an efficient manner due to their well developed system supported by semi-submersible rigs capable of progressive positioning.

As far as the offerings of specialized vessels, Cotemar posses a varietal fleet capable of handling many different situations off shore. Cotemar’s team of specialized watercraft offer barge support, towing, firefighting, and boats to transport odd shaped or large structures. Our ability to move personnel and light freight allows us to couple our responsibilities of protection and safety with practicality.

Finally, for all of the housekeeping and administrative needs on the offshore rigs, Cotemar offers services for laundry, cleaning of common areas, food preparation and exceptional catering options.