Creating Marketing Campaigns with Krishen Iyer

In the 21st century there are certain traits that will allow an individual to stand out over others. it first requires strong communication skills to be able to convey ideas and information to other individuals. However, more importantly is a inherent curiosity for the world. That trait will greatly help an individual to forever challenge their perspective of the world, and push things in a brand new innovate direction. Krishen Iyer is a man based based out of California, where he works with Managed Benefits on the creation of marketing campaigns. Read more about
Managed Benefits Services Ideamensch recently sat down with Krishen Iyer to learn more about his unusual career approach.

Krishen Iyer got his start through attending Grossmont College, then San Diego State University where he obtained both of degrees. The first is for public administration, while the second is for urban development. Click on this link to see more about his education. This put him on a path to helping the greater community he lived in. However, becoming a partner with Managed Benefits forever changed how he interacted with the world around him. He was now tasked with analyzing data and turning that into targeted and concise marketing campaigns on behalf of small businesses. He could now have a much greater impact on the community through helping local businesses find success in the region.

The daily life of Krishen Iyer involves a wide variety of tasks such as client interfacing, technical development, marketing, and of researching. He goes out of way to plan each day to the fullest by maximizing how much he can get accomplished. After doing this job for several years, he has been able to find the prefect work balancing for ensuring everything is completed in a timely manner. As a curious individual he enjoys the sessions where the client and his team discusses how to best implement a marketing idea. The feeling of pulling ideas from different ideas comes naturally to him.

Krishen Iyer is a rare breed of talent. An individual with the curiosity to explore new ideas, but also the communication skills to flesh out what comes to mind. Creating advertisements is the perfect outlet for him.

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