David Giertz Discusses the Importance of Discussing Social Security with Clients

Over the years, David Giertz has established himself as one of the world’s foremost experts in the field of financial advising. He has helped many people save for retirement in an effective manner. His extensive training is enough to make anyone take notice. He started his financial career early on and he has sat for a number of important exams needed to be an effective financial broker.

In his 31 years of experience, David Giertz has become adept at noticing things that many others take for granted. As an investment broker, David Giertz’ main job is to help people have as comfortable a retirement as possible. He recently sat down for an interview and adroitly delineated the one glaring omission that many investment brokers make when they are planning with their clients.

In what both he and the interviewer agreed seemed to be a no-brainer, he said that many investment brokers simply do not discuss the impact that Social Security can have on an individual’s retirement planning. In a survey done by the Nationwide Financial Service Institute, it was discovered that the great majority of people in retirement or close to retirement received little if any advisement on their Social Security proceeds according to Facebook. The survey also determined that 4 out of 5 individuals would switch advisers if they did not discuss this important topic.

Perhaps the most important factor that many brokers miss would be the fact that for many Social Security can easily account for 40 percent of their total income. Regarding Social Security, there are a number of things that should be discussed:

1. When to take it
2. How to properly utilize it for a great return
3. and the danger on relying on it alone for a retirement income.

There is no question Social Security is an important benefit on
About.me. The fact that so many retirement planners are not approaching this topic means that they are doing their clients a huge disservice. Here’s hoping that investment brokers such as David Giertz will make more aware of this important topic.

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