David Osio Founder Of Davos Financial Group

Education and Career Development

Davis Osio is an alumnus of the Catholic University Andres Bello in Venezuela. He also studied at Estudios Superiores de Administration (IESA) and graduated with a degree in International Banking Law. He started off his career as the president and C.E.O of OPED enterprise in 1981. He then moved to become an executive officer in Letio Commercial Companies.

In 1984, his passion for law in the banking industry landed him on the corridors of Caracas law firm (MGO). While at MGO, Ferro Corporation, and Consolidated Bank are among the giant clients he served. His vast experience at MGO and past in-depth knowledge in the banking industry won him a high-level role at the Banking Latino International (BLI) based in Miami.Two years after his appointment, his efforts led to promotion and he rose to become the vice president of Banking Commercial.

David Osio Professional Advancement

While operating as the vice president at BLI, he contributed to the massive growth of the company’s customer base, thus polishing its image internationally. Following his successful undertakings at BLI, In 1993 David Osio went on and established his own financial facility, prominently known as Davos Financial Group.

Osio has developed Davos into flexible financial boutiques that are committed to serving its clients by exclusively striving to meet their specific needs and requirements. According to David, he gathered his financial acumen from the training he received from American Banking Association and Swiss Bank Corporation.

Economic Contribution and Awards Earned

In addition to the financial advancements that Davos has achieved throughout the time, its corporate responsibility has netted a good number of beneficiaries. Miami Symphony Orchestra, Children’s Orthopedic Foundation, and Fundana Foundation are just but a few of the Davos beneficiaries.

Owing to its effort in creating economic opportunities and charity donation, Davos has earned great international awards which include: Movers and Shakers 2009, South Florida Business Leaders 2009, Medal of Honor from the United States and the 2014 Miami award in recognition of Davos positive impact and achievements in the Miami region.

Davos Growth and Expansion

Osio and his team of competent professionals in leadership and business have seen Davos expanding its market far and wide. One of the Davos independent companies, Davos Real Estate Group, recently announced the launch of a new application called ‘Davos CAP Calculator’ for Android and iPhone devices. The application will enable one to estimate the return on real estate investment selected by the client. It has led to the increase of its customer base hence raising the graph of its sales. Today, Davos has several offices thriving in renowned cities like Miami, Geneva, and Panama.

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