David Osio Is One of the Good Ones

As a prominent businessman and individual with a lot a wealth David Osio has supported many philanthropic efforts throughout his career. He has worked in collaboration with several non-profit organizations through his company Davos Financial Group. Osio is an especially strong sponsor of organizations that support the arts and culture.

Osio has made plans to expand his philanthropic support beyond just community financial services and grow his support to non-profits on a global scale. Until now Osio just supported charitable organizations in the communities where he developed business. As he’s gotten older he began to feel that its the responsibility of wealthy individuals like himself to help those in need since they have the means. He believes the two decades of philanthropist work he’d been involved with prior to starting his expansions plan were just the start of what he is truly capable of as a decent human being.

Osio is well known for his contributions to organizations like MISO (Miami Symphony Orchestra), The Children’s Orthopedic Foundation, and the Saludarte Foundation of Art in Miami. The work he does with The Children’s Orthopedic Foundation is really dear to his heart. There is nothing worse than an innocent child suffering in pain. He knows every contribution from those who can afford it can help make a huge difference in the right direction when it pertains to medical research that benefits children. Sadly, it seems like very few people care about this important cause.

About David Osio

David Osio founded Venezuela based company Davos Financial Group in 1993. With Osio as it’s leader, Davos has been one of the premiere international financial groups in the Latin American Market. It has been providing top of the line financial advice to a select group of customers for more than 20 years. Osio is also the former Vice President of Banking Commercial at Banco Latino International (BLI) in Miami.

The acquisition of Osio payed off big time for BLI. Osio played a major role in the company becoming a force in the industry. The experience of being a leader with BLI directly influenced his founding of Davos.

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