Doe Deere Tells The World Her Thoughts On Fashion Rules

Like so many other people in the world, Doe Deere grew up with fashion rules of all kinds. She has been told, as so many others, to avoid wearing a lot of patterns at the same time and not do things like war socks with sandals. As she began to discover the world of fashion on her own, she decided that it made sense for her to throw such rules by the wayside. She wants others to feel as free as she does in order to create their own fashion worlds. She knows that letting go of such rules can be the most amazing felling of all time.

Her Thoughts On Fashion Rules

She spoke out to Guest of a Guest her own personal, hard fought fashion rules. As with so many other people, she knows that people need to devote their time with fashion to being exactly who they are. She challenges readers to challenge themselves and break into a world of their own making. Like so many other fashion pioneers, she has looked at rules such as the very idea that people should only wear a brilliant eye and not pair it with a brilliant lip as rules that can be broken happily and to gorgeous effect.

Who She Really Is

Doe Deere is one person who likes to use fashion to be her own person entirely. She has long been involved in the world of fashion both as an observer and a happy participant. In the last few years, she has even opened up her own fashion store devoted to bringing people amazing fashion makeup of all kinds.

Her Own Fantastic Makeup Line

Doe Deere decided that her fans needed her to help find them products that are ideal for their needs in every single way. Lime Crime, her own makeup company, is all about selling items that are made from the best possible ingredients and allow her fans to find out what works for them personally when it comes to makeup choices. Many customers of hers have found how they can buy her items online for use at home to create all kinds of outrageous and yet fabulous contemporary makeup looks.

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