Doug Levitt is working on the Greyhound Diaries

America is a huge country. The country is home to millions of people, which means it is also home to millions of stories. Very few people in America have heard the full story of this country, but many of us would like to hear it. Doug Levitt was obsessed with recording the story of America, and one day he decided he simply had to hear the stories in person.

Doug was a journalist for many years. He reported on events around the world, but he always had a feeling that there were bigger stories within our own borders. Almost a decade ago, Doug decided to board a Greyhound bus and his story began.

Doug started riding Greyhound buses throughout the United States. Greyhounds are often a mode of transportation for the poorest people in the country, and Doug wanted to get their perspective. Doug would regularly have conversations with his bus mates and he began to record their stories. Doug would gather songs, pictures, and other memories of the things he saw one his greyhound trips. These memories became the basis of his “Greyhound Diaries” project.

The Greyhound Diaries started as a web series. Doug regularly uploads new pictures, songs, and stories to a web page. Thousands of readers enjoy exploring his stories. Doug loves posting stories to the web, but he wanted to do more. He started recording some stories into song form. These songs became the basis for two different EPs. These EP recordings are packed with stories of hardship, loss, and hope. Doug is inspired by what he sees every day on these greyhound buses.

Doug’s Greyhound Diaries project has thousands of fans throughout the United States. People appreciate his honest approach towards his subject matter, and his willingness to talk about anything. His project has been covered by multiple media outlets, including NPR and CNN.

America has millions of stories to tell, but people have to seek these stories out. Doug has sought out these stories for more than a 100,000 miles, and he never ceases to be amazed by the stories he hears. He hopes to write many more Greyhound Diaries.