Easy Hacks In Minutes

Wengie has a way of giving beauty hacks in a short time. She enjoys making sure her skin is refreshed and in the best condition possible. She also likes to make sure her hair is in a healthy condition. Many of the hacks that she uses at home use items that are easily found in the house so that she doesn’t have to spend a lot of money on products.

Concealer hides the blemishes on the face. When adding concealer under the eye, apply it in the shape of a triangle. This will give you a map of where to place the foundation. The gunk that dries around the edge of the concealer bottle can be used for foundation. A white eye liner can be used as a base for eye shadow. This will help the powder become more vibrant. You can also use white liner on the lips under the gloss to make the lips appear fuller and to keep the gloss on the lips longer.

When you’re applying mascara or another eye makeup to the sides of the eyes, use the edge of a card or a spoon to make sure the lines are clean and straight. The spoon can be used for the bottom or the top line. Apply mascara towards the nose to give a fuller appearance. Apply a face powder between coats of mascara so that you don’t have clumpy lashes. Heat the eyelashes with a hair dryer so that they will curl before applying mascara.


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