Feel like a star in Fabletics

As the daughter of Goldie Hawn and Bill Hudson, Kate Hudson is practically Hollywood royalty. She’s gorgeous, she’s fit and she is bringing her taste to the people at affordable prices.

Kate Hudson is a co-founder and the face of Fabletics. Due to her strong influence on the brand, this athleisure wear company is sometimes colloquially referred to as the Kate Hudson brand.

They began as an online store with a subscription-based discount model. Fabletics success has led to expansion into several brick-and-mortar stores. In the near future, they expect to open between 75 and 100 storefronts total.

Currently, if you sign up for a subscription, your first outfit is a mere $25. After that, you can get a new outfit every month for just $49.99. This is about half the retail price for clothing that is already reasonably priced compared to similar clothing lines.

If you aren’t sure what outfit you want, Kate has some suggestions for you on their Kate Picks page on Facebook. Or, if you do not want an outfit at all that month, just log into your account between the first and the fifth of the month to “skip” that month.

If you normally buy a yoga or dancercise outfit about once every four months, you can get a new one about every other month at Fabletics for about what you used to spend. Logging in every other month to opt out that month is a small price to pay to get access to good clothes at a great price.

If you are a college student, yoga instructor, or just have a gym membership, Fabletics clothing line is both practical and stylish. If you have a regular job, it is still great for gym wear or as lounge wear during evenings and weekends.

Having clothes you love wearing that are suitable to a good workout is one of the best ways to work on getting a Kate Hudson body. Although she clearly inherited great looks from both her parents, she also clearly works for what she’s got. None of gets to choose our parents, but we can all choose to exercise and eat right.

Having the right clothes can help make the choice to exercise relatively painless. It can give you one less excuse for avoiding the gym or, if you are a fashion devotee, it can give you one more reason to look forward to your workout.

No, that will not make you a wealthy movie star, but it can make your life a little better. Feeling good about your body, your looks and your clothes without causing your wallet a lot of pain is a winning combination that appeals to both good sense and the senses. Source: https://www.mallofamerica.com/shopping/directory/fabletics