Former Fortress Investment Group Executive Gareth Henry Seeks New Opportunity

Former Fortress Investment Group executive Gareth Henry is looking to take the next step in his career. After working at Fortress Investment Group for a number of years, Henry will now seek a new opportunity with another firm known as Angelo, Gordon & Co. According to reports, Henry will be named the new head of global investor relations at the firm. This is the same role that he had when he was with Fortress Investment Group. Along with being the new head of global investor relations, Gareth Henry will also serve as the managing director and also as a partner. At Angelo, Gordon & Co, Henry will work with the firm’s President Lawrence Schloss.

Prior to taking his new position at Angelo, Gordon & Co, Gareth Henry was a member of another prominent investment firm. He was the head of global investor relations and as a marketing director at Fortress Investment Group. At this firm he would routinely help it expand its client base as well as its geographic presence all over the world. During his stint at the firm, Henry would regularly manage client relations and ensure that all clients are getting their specific needs met. While at Fortress Investment Group, Gareth established himself as a leading executive in the financial services industry.

Gareth Henry worked for a number of years in the United Kingdom before moving to the United States. After completing a bachelor’s degree in statistics and actuarial science, Henry would begin his career as an investment analyst. During this time, he would evaluate financial assets by performing calculations and releasing reports. This allowed him to provide vital information about investment securities and assets to other finance professionals. He would then accept a position at a London based firm known as Schroder’s. At this firm, he served as a research specialist in which he would gather information about various types of different asset classes. These experiences have given Henry the knowledge and skills necessary to advance to a top executive position at other investment firms. Once getting the position at Angelo, Gordon & Co, Henry was very happy about the new opportunity and is eager to make the most out of it.

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