Fortress Investment Group Has Been Finding Impressive Ways To Continue To Build

Leading investment management firm Fortress Investment Group has recently been making some big moves in the private credit area. The company has been utilizing a fund of a direct lending nature as a way to increase the offerings that are available to Fortress Investment Group’s extensive base of investors. Intellectual property is another area that Fortress Investment has been making some impressive expansions in. These events have begun in the wake of the SoftBank acquisition of Fortress. Fortress has also recently seen an impressive increase in terms of funds of an open-end asset nature. The firm has seen $400 million raised recently from a patent related fund. Visit

For those who are confused about the definition of an open end asset fund, Fortress Investment Group counsels that this is a mutual fund that does not have any restrictions in regard to the amount of shares that can then be issued on it in regard to stocks as well as bonds. A great aspect of these funds taking on this type of structure is the fact that it allows for great ways to invest. It is possible for the fund manager, in these cases, to close a fund off to any new investment if the complete assets end up becoming too significant.

The impressive reputation that Fortress Investment Group has cultivated since its founding in the late 90s is a major reason why it was so sought after as an acquisition for Japan’s SoftBank. Fortress’s founders Randal Nardone, Rob Kauffman and Wes Edes really kick-started something special when the created the company back in 1998. Fortress Investment Group will also continue on its business model of diversification even in the wake of being acquired by SoftBank. The Japanese powerhouse firm has no intention of undermining a business model at Fortress that has been so successful for so long now. It is accurate to say that it continues to be business as usual for the impressive team of executives that head up Fortress Investment Group. Read more on