Glen Wakeman Assists Start-ups In The Quest To Become Successful

Starting a business can be daunting for young entrepreneurs in this competitive era of information technology. Thanks to visionaries like Glen Wakeman, the process has now been made much easier after the inception of Launchpad Holdings LLC in 2015. Glen helped to Co-find the company, and he currently holds the position of CEO. Nowadays, the business market dictates that an entrepreneur should present clients with unique products to remain competitive. Otherwise, the turbulence that is created by other enterprises will cause a particular company to lose its prominence.

Glen Wakeman graduated from the University of Scranton with a degree in Finance and Economics back in 1981, and he later acquired a master’s degree in Finance from Chicago University in 1993.

In the course of his career, Glen successfully oversaw Nova Four and was later awarded the recognition of Growth and Leadership Role Model. Glen has had a prolific career, and he has helped to bring immense growth to businesses that had an asset value of $15 billion and more than 17000 employees. Glen Wakeman’s strategy employs five major Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) which are; human capital, risk management, execution, leadership, and governance. As a result, he has guided M&As, divestitures, and start-ups to experience exponential growth.


Glen Wakeman is a multi-talented individual, and his input in the growth of enterprises within different market niches has always created positive results. He employs his writing skills in blogging about topics such as management, fiscal issues, strategy development, and new markets into which entrepreneurs can invest. Some of the successful startups that have benefited from Glen’s mentorship include Dreamfunded and Sitter Bees. Anything that revolves around executive development, growth, and innovation is Glen’s specialty.


According to Glen one factor that has enabled him to remain effective in his area of expertise is the fact that he is always curious to solve problems ( When difficulties come his way, he starts being creative and innovative, and this has greatly helped him in the past. Curiosity makes him research matters deeply to try and understand why things are in their current setting.