Healthcare Investor Jeff Aronin

Jeff Aronin has brought a lot of innovation to the Health Market. Jeff is a physician, and at one moment he was facing a situation that required a critical decision. He was in between giving medicine to treat a kid’s seizures or conduct a complicated surgical procedure. During that time, the doctor chose to use medication first to spare the child going through surgery and eventually helping to improve the kid’s condition with medicine permanently. This interaction assisted to further drive a passion for patients, something Jeff Aronin has had in his whole career.

Helping individuals to live better lives has been the central belief that motivated Aronin together with his team to study, create and successfully commercialize these medicines for individuals who have medical needs that have never been met. Immediately after coming out of Northern Illinois University with his first degree as well as out of DePaul University with his MBA, he began working with the healthcare sector before establishing his company. Jeff Aronin created Ovation Pharmaceuticals LLC. where he serves as the CEO. Jeff founded his company in 2000 after he felt that there was a lot he could do to help patients who had unmet medical conditions. With his company, Aronin would be able to concentrate on one particular need, hence focusing his resources toward a mutual goal.

Jeff Aronin’s focus was on patients as well as drug development. According to him, this would differentiate his organization from others in the pharma and biotech industry. Aronin’s company’s goal was to commit to small diseases, unlike others that were targeting the next blockbuster. In 2009, a Danish healthcare organization, Lundbeck was given the go-ahead to purchase Ovation. The startup organization that Aronin had developed from nothing was eventually being bought at $900 million. Aronin remained as the company CEO, assisting in the transition process. The company is still thriving because of Aronin’s contribution.

The success that Aronin has experienced also fuels him to become a leading investor as well as a nurturer of innovation biotech organizations. Paragon concentrates on recognizing unmet medical conditions, new science, and eventually creates organizations with the best talent to bring to the market these medications.