Helane Morrison leads the battle against corruption

Helane Morrison leads currently leads the management team at Hall Capital Partners. This company has been one of the biggest investment companies in the California area. The entire organization is specifically run by women. Morrison started working for the investment firm nearly ten years ago.


Before taking the job at Hall Capital Partners she was a leader at Securities and Exchange Commission. She has a degree in Journalism that she earned from Northwestern University in Chicago, Illinois. While she was in school she spent her time working as an editor and writer for the California Law Review publication. Morrison joined a law firm right after she finished college and worked there for ten years from 1986 to 1996. While she was working for the legal firm she specialized in business litigation and defense of private securities actions. Morrison dealt with many cases of misconduct by some of the business mangers at big businesses like Google, Hewlett-Packard, NextCard Inc and HBO. She exposed the make security polices of American Amicable to thousands of military personal.


She wanted to join Hall Capital Partners because of the diverse group of leaders making all of the business decisions. Morrison noticed that after the market crashed ten years ago a lot of people lost confidence in financial investors. She is hoping to work to prove that investors are still helpful and can be trusted. Nobody is perfect and people do have bad days. Her current management position at Hall Capital Partners puts her in a good position to help everyone.


Regardless of where Helane Morrison has worked, journalism or in a law firm, she has noticed that that are crimes and fights that need to be addressed. She is here to promote good ethical decision making in all areas of business. Morrison is exposing those who are purely looking for more power. Her fight for justice will never stop.


To help people better understand the investment policy and answer more questions about corrupt companies she continued her education behind the journalism degree acquired. Morrison went on to get a Juris Doctor degree in California.


It did not take long for Morrison to find out her mission in life. She decided that her life was going to be dedicated to fighting corruption and any other unethical business practices in every job she gets. She was honored with partner status after just five years of working at a law firm.