Helping the Less Fortunate-Andrew Rolfe

School Campus in Port Elizabeth, South Africa benefits every year from a fund raising which is conducted by Ubuntu Fund. This year in May the organization raised about $972,960 in a dinner Gala organized annually. This year the organizers of the fund raising event had a primary purpose of developing more schools of the less advantaged children in Port Elizabeth as well as building a pediatric hospital in the school campus. Ubuntu is one of the Non-Governmental organizations which were established with a responsibility of taking care of the less fortunate in the society from a young age until they start their career. The founders and the organizers of the fund raising event took the whole night to raise the money but eventually, they reached their goal.

Andrew Rolfe is the Chairman of Ubuntu and during the Gala, he had an opportunity to host the more than 300 guests. During the Gala night; the guests were entertained with music and there was plenty of different dishes. They were also able to listen to successful stories of two students who had benefited from the project. Ubuntu Fund was also able to raise part of the fund from an auction which was conducted by Charlie Ross who is a British auctioneer. Jacob Lief and Malizole Gwaxula also gave their speeches. Jacob is the founder and the Chief Executive officer of Ubuntu Fund.

Andrew Rolfe is the Chairman of Ubuntu Fund. Before his appointment as the Chairman of the group; Mr. Rolfe served as the President of Gaps International Division. At the company, Rolfe was responsible for managing operation in several nations including Japan, France, Germany, and the United Kingdom. The organization trusted Andrew f or his positive leadership and it gave him another important responsibility of their global planning expansion. Andrew Rolfe had vast experience of heading other firms before he joined Gap where he gained skills and leadership experience. Some of the firms he worked for before Gap include; Pret A Manger serving as the Chief executive Officer, and he also chaired a business that had its operations in the United Kingdom. Mr. Andrew graduated from the University of Oxford with a Bachelors of Arts degree in Economics, Philosophy, and Arts. He later attended Harvard Business School and graduated with a Master’s in Business Administration Degree.