How Edisoft Seeks to Improve Supply Chain Performance Using its Scalable and Configurable Software Solutions

Transportation departments once used to measure key performance indicator (KPI) in terms of on-time performance. Using this criterion, carrier scorecards were reviewed after every quarter. Air and water carriers used the on-time performance standard while rail carriers used scheduled departures as a KPI criterion. However, KPI in motor transporters was measured based on service types.


Due to the evolution of GPS technology, more transportation data has been availed to relevant people. However, some companies are still using the old techniques of measuring KPI (Crunchbase). In this case, a carrier whose on-time performance is 99.5 percent is considered as best-in-class. Most shoppers prefer this type of carrier because of the little time it takes to transport cargo to its desired destination.


When reviewing the emerging opportunities for supply chain performance, KPI mainly focuses on trading partners and metrics across functions. This is because the KPI results will greatly differ when the emphasis is put on the isolated operations of a particular transporter. For instance, it takes 21 days, including 6 days of variability, for an international cargo to be ferried. Consequently, it takes four days, including one day of variability, for domestic shipments. For one to derive appropriate conclusions from any set of data, its information sources must be accurate, complete and timely.

About Edisoft


Edisoft is one of the companies that are on the verge of delivering reliable measures of supply chain performance to distributors and manufacturers. The company uses automated shipping solutions and innovative ERP Integrated Warehouse Automation and ERP Integrated EDI to achieve this objective.


Manufacturers and distributors also seek Edisoft’s software solutions to solve a number of challenges related to supply chain performance ( This is because the firm’s software solutions are fully configurable, flexible, scalable, and modular. Edisoft’s products can also be used to foster ERP Order Integration and Automation, data for business intelligence, staff productivity, and compliance.


Edisoft targets manufacturers and distributors who wish to garner good returns on their business models. These models are inclusive of 3PL Distribution and B2B and B2C Order Fulfillment.


With a large customer base in different parts of the world, Edisoft’s professionals attend to clients’ requests through the firm’s offices in Canada and the US. Edisoft’s software products include Merchant Xchange, Merchant QuikPak, and Edisoft Merchant.