How Eric Pulier Has Shaped Entrepreneurship and Technology

Eric Pulier is ranked among highly successful entrepreneurs and technologists, who have contributed to changing the world and making impact to the lives of many young individuals. He is the founder of a number of companies including US Interactive, Akana, Media Platform, Digital Evolution and ServiceMesh. He has also helped upcoming entrepreneurs to pursue their dreams through the venture capitals he launched, which include eCompanies and Monitor Ventures. Eric Pulier also comes out as a philanthropist and a person whose passion to humanity saw him join several foundations that support people suffering from chronic illnesses.


The educational history of Eric Pulier is one filled with discoveries and exploration of various subjects. He attended the Teaneck High School and before this, he had a lot of passion for computing and was pursuing the subject with a lot of energy. This passion actually began while he was in fourth grade and he held a dream of becoming a technologist and successful entrepreneur sometime later.

At Teaneck, he made his first step into building his career when he founded a database company. This motivated him further to even pursue the specialty with a lot of zeal and dedication. From Teaneck High School, he joined MIT College and chose Computer Science. He also had signed up for English and American Literature at the Harvard University. He diligently pursued the courses and successfully completed in 1988, graduating magna cum laude.


The career of Eric Puleir began a short while after he graduated. He opted to pursue technology without looking for employment and his first company was called People Doing Things. The company used technology to address problems in different sectors of the government.

In 1997, the government contracted him to plan and implement the technology exhibition that featured during the inauguration of President Bush and his deputy Al Gore. He made the presentation into sections, each explained well and addressing a distinct issue across different levels. He also connected to the space shuttle and aired a live session that offered the audience time to interact with space astronauts. The success he earned in this event propelled his career further up.