How Marc Sparks Achieved the Impossible by Just Having Faith

Marc Sparks is a classical self-made billionaire with a penchant for charity and traveling. Marc’s been writing inspirational books for the past two decades. So far, he’s authored the awe-inspiring Amazon top seller, ’They Can’t Eat You.’ Marc’s an ardent believer in the maxim that life is precious and it ought to be lived to the fullest. Besides running one of Texas’ most outstanding venture capital and equity fund, Timber Creek Capital, LP, Mr. Sparks loves to dabble in all manner of charity work in his home state.

Today, Marc is a key contributor of one of the state’s most successful pro-choice publicly-funded private schools movement, The Texans CAN Academies. Mark is associated with the Samaritan Inn, Habitat for Humanity, the North Texas Gateway Apartments and the Highland Park charitable organizations.

Marc Sparks loves hiking to remote and exotic global landmarks. On his official website, Jacob’s posted lovely pictures taken at Machu Picchu, Peru, the Great Wall of China, at the Taj Mahal, the Serengeti plains in Africa, and in remote Tibetan villages with monks.

Marc Sparks is one of the few self-made American mega-millionaires who only have a high school diploma. The Texan often retorts that his fame and immense wealth are gifts handed to him by the Almighty.

Marc’s Previous Investments

Mark Sparks grew up in modest surroundings in Austin, Texas. After completing his high school education, the ambitious entrepreneur didn’t waste any time before setting up his first investment. His illustrious career would see Mark change frontiers as he went from investing in real estate, tech startups and finally, delving into equity funds ( Marc’s impressive resume reads like something straight out of a fictional best-seller by Jeffery Archer or Grisham. His executive profile includes notable companies like Global Tech Solutions, Reliant Healthcare, Agency Matrix, Blue Jays Wireless, Cobalt Real Estate Services and the food delivery startup, Uncle Marc Food Delivery.

Power of Believing

In a bid to inspire the next-gen of Texas investors and entrepreneurs, Marc came up with a unique training and mentoring academy. Students come from all corners of not only the nation but the globe to learn from a finance master who’s done it without much, to begin with. The college makes it possible for young investors to create robust business strategies and Marc’s team also aids with financing issues. Most importantly, however, is the academy’s devotion to building the faith of the students as they embark on their quest to take over different niches in the business world. Marc argues that without a strong and unwavering faith in God, the journey becomes quite tumultuous, if not impossible. An investor who has faith makes better financial and investing decisions, according to the seasoned American hedge fund investment manager, Marc Sparks.