How Modern Technology Is Tackling the Issue of Vision

Vision is one of the most important aspects of life within most cultures. People obviously know it’s important. But it’s uncommon for people to take a step back and reflect on just how important it really is. But one can better understand the issue by taking a moment to consider something as seemingly simple as a dollar bill. On the surface of things it seems like a pretty self explanatory thing. But one should consider just how much goes into recognizing the difference between a one dollar bill and a hundred dollar bill. They’re quite obviously different to anyone who’s handled them and who has good eyesight.

One might get a better perspective on things by considering what even a minor visual impairment would do to that sense of product recognition according to Slyce. Even a minor impairment in vision is all it would take to make a one dollar bill and a hundred dollar bill seem identical. There’s not even anything in the bill’s physical specifications to make it obvious to a sense of touch.

Now, one should consider just how powerful the human eye actually is. Even a slight impairment to that powerful sense is enough to make it useless for what many people would consider a fairly basic task. And that’s the real measure of the immense task that sits before anyone who’s working with electronic image recognition. It’s also the reason that image recognition has taken so long to make it’s way into the world.

Image recognition requires a combination of intense visual acuity and powerful processing power. And one also needs to push both pretty far before it can become useful. It’s hardly surprising that it still requires something in the realm of a super computer to properly handle it. But that isn’t to say that image recognition on a consumer level is impossible.

One company, Slyce, has found a unique solution to the problem. They’re using powerful supercomputers. But what makes the difference is how they’re utilizing that complex process. They host a large array of powerful computers which act as the central repository for image analysis. They then created a software layer which can be run on even underpowered processors such as those found in smartphones. This acts as a bridge to link the cameras in a phone with the powerful image recognition and analysis in Slyce’s servers –

A person can take a picture with their phone and have it instantly sent to Slyce’s computer for analysis. This in turn can be used for any number of different things. But one of the most popular uses is by companies who allow people to search their catalogs by image. A person could take a picture and then have it analyzed by Slyce’s system and the data used to recommend products.

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