How OSI Industries is Expanding its Territory across the World

How OSI Industries is Expanding its Territory across the World

OSI Industries has been gracing news headlines in regards to excellent and sustainable food production. Even though successful, the company began as a boutique firm. It was established by a German immigrant called Otto Kolschowsky two years after he arrived in America. Settling in Chicago, Mr. Kolschowsky was passionate about starting a business that would change his life and that of his sons. But his main mission was also to offer the locals quality food. As such, he started supplying meat through a small butcher outlet.

The Growth of OSI

When Otto and his sons started running the firm as a team, they agreed to make quality their blueprint. They were therefore, known for providing clients with healthy, nutritious food. It was also at that point that they decided to rebrand the company by calling it OSI Group. At that juncture, they brought in finance executive that would assist with making critical decisions on resources allocation. Shortly after, OSI was born and Lavin, who served as the executive of finance was trusted to oversee various managerial dockets. OSI Industries adapted different technological systems made to help with food preservation. As such, the company managed to provide its consumers with healthy food.

Business Ventures

Today, OSI is known for making major expansions in different countries. Not only is it based in Chicago but also the international markets where it has earned client’s attention over the past few years. Simply put, OSI Industries has been expanding its territories for the longest time possible. Perhaps some of these expansions cannot be ignored anymore;

Chicago Expansion

  • Chicago Expansion

OSI Industries purchased Tyson Foods in 2017. The 200,000 square feet facility is located near OSI Group and has been providing clients with poultry foods. The acquisition is an added advantage to the company following the increasing demand for food.

Spain Expansion

  • Spain Expansion

Perhaps it is also important to note than OSI recently expanded its production capacity at the Spain facility. The initial chicken production capacity was 12,000 tons. Today, it is 24,000 and the management is elated because this difference will bridge the difference between demand and supply.