I’m A Loyal Customer And Fan Of FreedomPop

I had a love-hate relationship with my previous wireless service. I loved the service because I got good coverage anywhere I went and got a decent price, but there were things that I hated as well. What I hated about my previous service is that the price I got on my bill could change at any time, and there was always one reason or another why the price would change. After months of an unstable price structure, I chose FreedomPop as my permanent cell phone service provider. I’m a very loyal person who likes to stick with one company, but my company wasn’t being loyal to me with their prices.

FreedomPop has a price structure that hasn’t changed and has only gotten better over time, especially since they have low prices, and some services are free of cost. The reason I changed services is because I needed reliable cell phone coverage, but I am open to getting FreedomPop’s additional services, especially since I’m doing so well with their cell phone service. I chose to get the $20 unlimited service plan but see that they have several other services that are available as well.

FreedomPop has a free service that did make me consider it, but since I know that I use my Internet service very often, I knew that the 500 MB of data wouldn’t be satisfactory to me. I also have access to Wi-Fi service, so I do make Wi-Fi calls when I need to, but I wanted the unlimited service from FreedomPop, and $20 each month sounded pretty good. With the service that I’m getting from FreedomPop, I’ve never ever had a problem when I make a phone call. All of my text messages go through, and my data is usable when I need it.

I’ve not only broken up with my previous cell phone company but also plan to stick with FreedomPop as long as I have a cell phone. I was able to bring my unlocked cell phone over to FreedomPop, which saved me a lot of money because other service providers wanted me to purchase a phone from them if I made the switch. I like that FreedomPop has an open network that allows cell phones from other carriers, so I’m able to use my smartphone, which is a Samsung Galaxy that I absolutely love. FreedomPop has really done great things for me as a customer.

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