Increase Your Business With A Wikipedia Page

When you use Google and even Wikipedia to look up an unfamiliar place you may have also discovered a new app called HERE. HERE is a new application that actually incorporates Wikipedia information about what you and your company do. Wikipedia is ranked as one of the most visited sites on the web so having your information on the HERE application at can be a good thing. It is also a good thing to have a Wikipedia page about your company. The reasons for this are obvious, the questions you need to ask yourself, though, are how will a Wikipedia page help my business and many people wonder how to make a Wikipedia page in the first place?

How a Wikipedia page will help you is not as straightforward as many people might assume. Unlike many websites, any links on Wikipedia that are aligned to your business’s website are tagged as a no follow link. This just means that Google will not transfer anyone that clicks a link to their company website that is on a Wikipedia page. Regardless of this minor annoyance, your business will benefit greatly from a page in Wikipedia because the Wikipedia page with your business will rank better than if you didn’t create a Wikipedia page. It will, also, more than likely, greatly help your brand awareness. Wikipedia gets billions of hits a month and some users are likely to stumble on your page or find a link to your page from another site with a similar topic.

Almost any company is eligible to make a Wiki article. The best Wikipedia pages, however, cite third-party information sources like trade magazine articles, published authors or even online newspaper articles that are about your company or product. If you don’t have any of these you may want to create a press kit to send to a local news website in your community. Even if you only have one or two published articles you can always start small and then increase your page’s content as subsequent material about you or your product is published.

Writing a Wikipedia page is not like any other kind of web page creation writing and because of that, you would be wise to hire a Wikipedia editor that is competent in writing Wikipedia pages. You can talk to one of these professionals at Get Your Wiki . You may also want to try to create your own page. In that case, I would recommend a website that is geared to teach you all the ins and outs of creating your own Wikipedia web page. Here is one that has this process covered. Try this one at this website.