Isabel dos Santos: The Symbol Of Women Empowerment In Africa

Isabel dos Santos, one of the leading business and economic personality in Africa, believes that her fellow African women can change the country. She is also known as the richest woman in the country, inspiring young women to pursue their dreams and to contribute to the economic empowerment of the continent.

Being a woman in the male-dominated entrepreneurial industry in Africa, Isabel dos Santos knows the stigma of women in this kind of job. Over the years, she noticed that a lot of the most powerful and most successful business personalities came from Africa. She believes that it is because of the continent’s entrepreneurial spirit that makes it competitive worldwide. However, African women are not equally represented because of their limited access to the same education and opportunities as men do. Dos Santos believes that getting the same chances to get the education and job opportunities, the same confidence will be given to African women (Twitter).

One of Isabel Dos Santos’ motto is “First the seed, then the future.” This motto encourages “slow but sure” changes and steady growth throughout the years. She implements this motto by creating jobs and providing training for African women. The aim of these efforts is to provide an increase in financial stability for women. With these efforts, she also believes that women empowerment movements in the whole continent will be influenced and get inspirations to change their home countries.

The change will not come immediately, and it will not come at all if no actions will be made. Isabel Dos Santos is creating awareness of the power of entrepreneurship by going to schools and talking with young Africans, teaching them why Entrepreneurship will change the country economically. She encourages young women to start innovation towards “digitalization” using artificial intelligence. One of her teachings is that technological advancement will make Africa’s presence stronger in the international economy and will open more opportunities for the continent.

Isabel dos Santos also believes in the power of agriculture, even in this world where technology is king. One of her projects is the strawberry field farm in Humpata, a province of Huila. Because of this, 120 women were given a job and a new source of income, as well as helping the economy of the region by creating new products.

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