JD.com launches in Thailand

JD.com is an online website that allows customers to get an unrivaled shopping experience with many different products to choose from. JD is one of China’s largest retailers and a recent article states that it has now arrived in Thailand and will be called “JD CENTRAL” as it arrived on September 28, as stated in the article. JD has noticed that a wide number of people are viewing their site from mobile devices such as cell phones and more. JD CENTRAL contains a lot of items for order such as books, music, fashion, home appliances, digital products, and a lot more.

JD over time has become a top retailer in China and is now expanding to Asia by launching in Thailand, which will be great for the business. Many have liked JD.com because of its simplicity, fair pricing, but also its fast delivery. JD is going to be having same-day delivery, along with it’s updated technology and partnerships. The company is very excited to be bringing their service to the people of Thailand and hope to be a top company there as well. Entrepreneur Jingdong is the creator of JD.com and another article points that his company has partnered with San Miguel to provide fresh produce to people.

Other companies have signed up to partner with the two. JD has also announced that in Hong Kong, they launched a campaign to strengthen the fruit and vegetables in the country. The partnership will help out San Miguel, but also JD, and increase business through e-commerce. Both will be working in an area with possible growth too. The general marketing manager of Jingdong’s Mall Fresh Food Division named Wu Zhengzhi presented on the matter to expand their presence and try to get people to eat healthier. The partnership will ultimately elicit JD to provide better products throughout China.

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