Jeremy Goldstein says many employees are at risk in divestitures

Jeremy Goldstein is best known as one of the premier mergers, acquisitions, and executive compensation lawyers in the United States today. After serving as a junior partner with Wachtell Lipton for more than 15 years, Goldstein has become one of the nation’s foremost experts in the area of executive compensation law.


Recently, Goldstein took the major step of retiring from Wachtel, in order to start his own private practice. Part of this process involved being listed by the New York State Bar Association online lawyer registry called Lawyer Referral and Information Services. The New York State Bar Association is one of the oldest in the country, continuously operating since 1876. It currently has over 72,000 lawyers registered and helps hundreds of thousands of clients each year find lawyers in the immediate vicinity who are competent to handle their cases. The New York State Bar Association Lawyer Referral and Information Services also guarantees a first hour fee of just $35 for any lawyer who gets a referral through its service.


By getting listed with the Lawyer Referral and Information Services, Goldstein has taken the first major step towards operating a successful private practice. But to Goldstein, what is most important is his passion for helping executives and business owners of companies both large and small to craft executive compensation packages and protocols that will withstand everything that can be thrown at them.


Recently, Goldstein has taken to a number of internet outlets to warn executives and business owners about the perils that shareholder activism present to any member of an executive team in the United States today. Goldstein reminds executives that their change of control Clauses are oftentimes insufficient to handle such adverse events as divestitures and spin-offs.


Goldstein recommended all executives seek qualified counsel to help draft compensation bylaws that will stick.


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