Jim Hunt Makes Waves With VTA Publications

Jim Hunt sounds like a name that would be behind the famous Hunt’s Ketchup. Wrong Hunt! That one is another person altogether. This Jim Hunt though is an investment professional.

This video on YouTube showcases a piece of software where you can type in any stock symbol and it can tell you when it rises and falls. It also has the option to buy sell or trade stocks in real time. It also goes over how to read the stock charts as well. This is an ingenious bit of software and it is great for learning the stock market on your own. It can help make you money if you buy and sell at the right times.

VTA Publications is a company based out of the UK, specifically Berkshire, and is a leader of non-fiction continuing education materials. They also do event planning for specialist genres. They have the very best in the field so they can have top-notch education materials. The materials specialize in finances and economics.

This company, VTA Publications, hasn’t been around very long. It was founded in 2012; in that time though, customers have come to enjoy their products and services. This company also is a booking agent for seminars and events.