John Goullet: An IT success story

Diversant is a very successful IT staffing and solutions firm and it is the largest African American owned firm. Even though the economy has been rough, Diversant still was able was able to grow economically. It also has a great reputation amongst fortune 500 companies and has been described as excellent. There is one man in the company who has had a very successful career. That man is John Goullet who serves as the principal of the organization.

John Goullet should be considered a success story in the IT world. As an entrepreneur, he has had many successful ventures over the course of his career. In the beginning of his career, he was initially a IT consultant before he then switched his career to staffing in IT. Which he did in the year 1994. John also used his good understanding of emerging market trends to start the company Info Technologies. It was an IT staffing company that provided solutions for fortune 500 companies. The company quickly grew into a success. Within five years, it became a 30 million dollar company. It also was ranked number eight on Inc. magazines list of 500 fastest growing privately held firms in the United States. 2010 was a big change for Goullet. That year, he came together with Gene C. Waddy. Mr. Waddy is the current owner of Diversant and in that year, Goullet and Waddy merged their two companies. Today, those companies now form the modern day Diversant LLC. Mr. Goullet is still able to continue his passion. That passion is to develop new ways of meeting the challenges of the IT marketplace. A market place that continues to evolve.

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