Josh Verne

Josh Verne is well-known as a entrepreneur. As co-founder and CEO of, he helped create a simplified way for people to make purchases. This convenient process was based on deductions.


The key to using deductions was that it allowed consumers to plan carefully and see where their money is going. Also, it eliminated the type of impulse purchasing that can happen in a traditional store. With, Verne gave people a way to plan and better control their finances.


Recently, on the Knowledge for Men podcast, Verne provided some great advice to help management-level businesspeople. Despite their simplicity, these tips encapsulate basic truths. They are a roadmap to a successful career, and fulfilling relationships.


The first is be a leader, not a boss. Verne understands that employees respond to leaders who demonstrate that they their best interests at heart. Rather than being a demanding figure, the feeling of mutuality and “we all win together” can carry a team through many challenges.


Secondly, Verne advises that people look for the win. It’s important to never agree to a win-lose deal. If there is not a win for everyone somewhere, reputation and morale will suffer. Determine beforehand that a lose will not be accepted, and the whole thought process behind negotiations changes. Thinking becomes more creative. Determining to be assertive is a great way to boost business.


Thirdly, Josh Verne advises that managers stop speaking so much, and begin to listen. By speaking less, a manager can actually appear more authoritative. Instead of wading through a cacophony of noise, workers will listen up when the boss does speak.


Fourthly, Verne advises seeking balance. Without a healthy body and a good home-life, all the financial success in the world means nothing. Seek to make progress in all areas of life, not just one.


Finally, Verne advises finding a passion. Think of successful entrepreneurs who really changed their industries. These people know why they go to work every day. Pay attention to where motivation comes from. Honoring passions can translate into success in a way that feelings of drudgery never will.