Kevin Seawright Announces RPS Solutions is Near Reaching Their Goal of Increasing the Homeownership Rate in Baltimore

When Kevin Seawright founded RPS Solutions LLC, in 2015, he had one goal in mind, to increase the homeownership rate in Baltimore, Maryland. On May 5th, he announced in a press release published by PR Newswire that the company continues with their plans to develop affordable housing in the city and nearby countries. First time home buyers have the opportunity to purchase a new or renovated home and join local communities. Baltimore is in desperate need to strengthen the community with economical housing after the 2007 and 2008 mortgage crisis. Currently, RPS Solutions and Mr. Seawright are working in the Belvedere Square neighborhood to improve the livelihood for residents who already live there and first time homeowners.

Mr. Seawright stated in an interview that it’s worthwhile to see more stability in the Baltimore neighborhoods, including Belvedere Square. As RPS Solutions fills the houses in the area, it places them near their goals of increasing the homeownership rate. The homeownership rate is about 48.3 percent in Baltimore and nearby communities. Mr. Seawright wants to see the number of filled affordable houses increase considerably during 2016 into 2017. An increase in the homeownership rate will provide probable benefits for the local economy and community stability.

The mission of RPS Solutions is to make homeownership possible all individuals in Baltimore and nearby neighborhoods. RPS Solutions helps prospective home buyers with finding mortgage lenders. Kevin Seawright, the founder of RPS Solutions is an accountant and management expert, in Baltimore. He has previous experience working on real estate development projects in Maryland and the District of Columbia.