Kimberly Bakker Breathes Life into Family Events through Her Firm, KQB

Kimberly Bakker is an inspiring lady and that has made many people to look up to her. Being a fashion enthusiast as well as good event planner, she started KQB to make dreams of families and individuals come true. KQB, a boutique marketing firm, specializes in family events. The firm also offers marketing, public relations consulting as well as quality control.

KQB’s glamorous gallery of events and collections is a testament to what Kimberly Bakker’s firm can offer. The firm organizes events in awesome places such as Elk Creek Ranch. The Elk Ranch sits on a 500 acre land and it features a lake which is 30 minutes away from Yellowstone National Park. Elk Creek Ranch is secluded and quiet to make people enjoy what the ranch has to offer. Henry’s Fork or Madison River, the best fishing in the west, are just a few minutes away. While at the ranch, you can take your meals at the cabin with a good view of the trout-stocked lake.

Kimberly Bakker brings years of experience in organizing events to KQB which not only ensures there is plenty of delicious food, but also decorates the event’s venue to give it “South Beach in The City” feeling. The ELLEN’s 50TH event features serving of a variety of meals served on a table decorated with scented candles, a glamorous appearance of the venue complemented by the ample and colorful lighting and a colorful resting place with great views.

The firm also decorates outdoor venues where people can relax as they enjoy the sunlight. They design invitation cards and brochures as in the case of Chloe’s 16th birthday event. They provide awesome-looking bouquet of flowers which complements the venue even further. Well, Kimberly Bakker started a firm that really brings life to people’s events. There are no enough words that can describe the glamorous scenery of KQB’s events.

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