Krishen Iyer Prospers As Head Of Managed Benefit Services

Krishen Iyer is a professional entrepreneur from Carlsbad, CA. Over the years, Iyer has built himself into a force in the field of marketing and consulting. As the CEO of Managed Benefits Service, which was previously known as Quick Link Marketing, Iyer has helped businesses to connect with the customers that they so desperately need to. As one of the leading figures in the health and dental insurance industry, whereupon he focuses on generating marketing leads as a consultant, Iyer has plenty of information to share. Let’s dig into Krishen Iyer‘s role as an entrepreneur while looking at what makes him so successful.


Krishen Iyer is an entrepreneur to his bones and into his soul. As an entrepreneur, his vision expands far beyond just the work that sits in front of his eyes. For Iyer, finding success is all about crafting the proper channels for professionals to communicate through. Iyer admits that he spends the vast majority of his time working directly with people through what he calls ‘client interfacing’. With Managed Benefits Services, the Carlsbad native is uniquely focused on bringing firms the marketing leads that they need and in order to do that, communication is obviously key.


As a professional marketing guru, Iyer is particularly tuned into the data-side of the industry. For that reason, Iyer has admitted that he is passionate about marketing analytics and what they can do when properly harnessed. Iyer also cites his natural curiosity and technological affinity as one of the prime reasons that he has been able to adapt to this field with such relative ease. Ultimately, Iyer believes that in his field there are a variety of different ways to approach a problem or to find a unique opportunity. With Iyer in charge of Managed Benefits Services, the company should continue to steadily grow going forward.