Learning Through Eric Pulier and His Motivating Journey in Business and Philanthropy

Eric Pulier is a technologist and entrepreneur, who has also published several books touching on business. He is a great mentor and a public speaker. Pulier has founded several ventures, among them the US Interactive, Akana, Digital Evolution and Media Platform. He has also channeled part of his efforts to funding charity and investing in venture capitals to help start-ups grow into recognized and stable businesses. Some of the organizations he has worked with include Trident Capital, Monitor Ventures and eCompanies. He is an active partner in several seed level start up businesses.

Eric Pulier attended the Teaneck High School and graduated in 1984. He proceeded to the Harvard University, where he attained his BA. In 1988 he graduated Magna Cum Laude. Also in his collegiate career, he pursued English and American Literature, Visual & Environmental Studies as well as Computer Science. While at Harvard, he authored a column called PulierLeg on the Weekly Crimson.

Following his experience record, Pulier was chosen to build the “Bridge to 21st Century”, which was a project meant to facilitate the commemoration of Bill Clinton during the second inauguration. The event drew masses and was attended by high profile individuals, citizens and professionals in various sectors. Pulier seamlessly managed the program by dividing it into sections, each highlighting a distinct category. Some of the categories highlighted include healthcare, education, community, government, entertainment, environment and space exploration.

Pulier is also an active philanthropist and directs support to various philanthropic organizations. During his early years, he came up with the multimedia educational programs, which would be available to people with Multiple Sclerosis. Pulier is also a key donor to the ACE Foundation, an organization concerned about reshaping the design of software to bring solutions to problems troubling human beings.

He is also an active contributor to the Painted Turtle. Painted Turtle is a charitable organization that supports children suffering from chronic illnesses. He offers both financial support and his time to help make the program a reality and to reach more children who are suffering and looking for support.