Little Known Facts About Shea Butter

So, you’re dealing with some pretty rough skin. Let’s face it- it happens! Instead of perusing the aisles of your nearest pharmacy, you might want to stop and think about using an all natural ingredient. Shea butter is found in many skin care formulas, but it’s best used when it’s all natural and pure shea butter. There are many great uses of natural shea butter and is a very desired ingredient thanks to its awesome benefits to people all over the world.

Shea butter is literally a fat. It’s the fat from the seeds of a tropical fruit that derives from an African Shea Tree. This fruit is actually used for food in other countries, and shea butter is even used for several cooking recipes. This all natural ingredient is safe (and reportedly delicious) to digest. If you’ve injured yourself and are swelling like a balloon, shea butter is said to have some anti-inflammatory power. By applying it to the injury, you will see your swelling go down significantly. Most have probably seen shea butter in stretch mark and scar topical creams. They promote more elasticity which can help prevent and reduce appearances of lines, wrinkles, stretch marks, scars and more. It also helps the skin to create collagen naturally, which is an anti-aging ingredient. Collagen is injected in botox to get rid of fine lines and wrinkles, so having collagen naturally is a much safer, pure way to go about anti-aging. These are just a few of the benefits of shea butter.

If you like what you’re reading about this awesome ingredient, then you should try out a product called Eugenia Shea. They have three formulas with different strengths of shea butter. This company is America based, and known for having the purest, natural form of shea butter in their products.

The three products include dermatological strength, pregnancy strength and everyday strength. The everyday is great for ensuring soft skin daily, without having to search for that perfect product. The prengnacy strength is great for stretch marks, lines and scars and can be used during and post pregnancy. The dermatological strength is great for things like excema, and severely dried skin. All three formulas do what they are designed to do, and give your skin all the benefits of glorious shea butter.