Matt Badiali Eyes Platinum As A Solid Investment For Precious Metal Enthusiasts In 2019

If you would have told a young Matt Badiali that he would eventually be one of the most well-known investors in the world, he would have probably laughed. He wasn’t planning on taking that path earlier in his life and was, instead, going to school to become a scientist. Badiali earned his bachelor’s degree in earth sciences while studying at Penn State. He later moved to Florida and earned his master’s degree in geology at Florida Atlantic University. It was during his time at the University of North Carolina, while working towards his Ph.D. that a friend of his turned him on to the investing world.

Matt Badiali is now one of the most prominent natural resource investors on Earth, and he uses his scientific background to draw many of his investing conclusions. He writes the Real Wealth Strategist with Banyan Hill Publishing and has been able to reach many investors through his commentary. Badiali is expecting that there is going to be a large shift in the energy sector as it moves from a fossil fuels to electric power. He figures that once there is a larger battery in place, the sector will explode.

Matt Badiali has been explaining to investors, of late, that the metals market is in a slump. The trade war with China has had its effect but also believes there are some metals that might do well in coming years. He has commented that platinum may be a good investment even though its price is going down. While it may take some time, once there is a larger demand for the precious metal, investors can expect it to skyrocket.

Matt Badiali believes that one of the issues with platinum is that it costs more to produce than it is worth. He figures that this may eventually result in a supply deficit. When the scarcity of the metal is taken into consideration, it begins to look like an even better investment. He has coupled this with the fact that China and India may be in greater need of platinum soon. When all of these different factors come together, Matt Badiali believes the precious metal will receive a boost in its value.
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