Meet Eli Gershkovitch, a Lawyer Who Wants to be Value-Added

Everyone looks forward to becoming an attorney after completing a degree in law. Eli Gershkovitch is much different from others. He prefers creating value. Born on July 4, 1975, the prominent Canadian businessman, lawyer, pilot, and CEO of Steamworks Brewery and Companies was a top contender for the just completed Open Beer Championship held in Ontario where Canadian brewers won a majority of the awards. Gershkovitch’s Steamworks got recognized by their variety of top-selling craft beers. Steamworks put Canadian craft beer in the limelight by being the long-term craft beer in Canada.

Great Craft Beers

Craft beer formerly known as micro-breweries in Canada knows no peak and off-peak seasons. Its consumption remains on the high even as per capita beer consumption drops. Craft beer sales have seen Canada revenue grow to approximately double digits. Some of the notable breweries include Quebec’s McAuslan Brewery, Denison’s Brewing Company, Central City Brewers, Black Oak Brewery, and Ontario Craft Brewery among others (

Some of the best Canadian craft beer include Red Racer Pale Ale crafted with a ruby red grapefruit taste with in-depth malt backbone, Weissbier made of wheat, cinnamon spiced Nutcracker Porter, St-Ambroise Oatmeal stout flavored with unmalted roasted barley to give it a coffee-like taste, Saison Station 16 that is highly carbonated among others.

Eli Gershkovitch started developing an interest in brewing craft beer in the early days of his career. Having a law degree, Eli wanted to bring something of value to himself. After graduating from the University of Toronto in 1987, Eli Gershkovitch’s journey to craft beer started to fulfill his long desire of making something great.

In 1995, Eli Gershkovitch founded Steamworks in a small pub in Gastown and expanded with time by applying his mantra of “expand to meet demand.” Steamworks has increased from 184 seats during his inception to 754 seats today. Steamworks has also increased the number of bars and restaurants in Vancouver.

Steamworks has a variety of breweries available throughout Canada and in 14 U.S states. The breweries have received numerous awards one being the pilsner awarded Best BC Craft Beer for two consecutive years.

Eli Gershkovitch focuses on perfecting each brew. For instance, the IPA took four years brewing before being released to Steamworks pub. Everyone who got a taste agreed that its quality was worth waiting.


Unlike many lawyers, Eli Gershkovitch wanted to add business value instead of being an attorney (LinkedIn). He founded Steamworks in a small pub in 1995, but the company has significantly expanded throughout Canada and 14 states in the US. Craft beer is gaining popularity very fast and generates a lot of revenue in Canada. Majority of Canadian contesters in the Open Beer Championships won numerous awards. That saw Eli’s Steamworks get recognized as the top-selling craft beer company.