Michael Hagele’s biking guide

Michael Hagele acts as a general counsel mainly for technology companies such as those in defense, research and development, biotechnology and aerospace industry.

His purpose is to help in negotiating, working out and concluding company agreements both internationally and domestically. He also has experience in property purchases as well as in handling commercial contracts and in other corporate transactions.

He has also served as a general legal counselor in some venture capital internet companies as well as being an in-house attorney. He has attended the University of California in Berkeley where he received his law degree. Read more about Michael on Crunchbase

He has then obtained a B.A. from the University of Iowa. He has invested in technology companies and has been involved in starting restaurants and businesses in the hospitality sector.

Michael Hagele likes to clear his mind by riding his bike, a habit that has seen him become an enthusiast.

Most people view mountain biking as an extreme sport which causes them to feel intimidated, but Michael advised them not to be since they can also enjoy biking with the right mentality and equipment.

To achieve much higher levels of mountain biking, individuals need to progress at their own pace.

In mountain biking, one does not encounter smooth surfaces like on a highway, but instead, the terrains are rugged and filled with many obstacles. That is why Michael Hagele says that it is essential that one start with high-quality equipment.

As compared to road bikes, mountain bikes have different features including wider tires which are kept at low pressure, a thicker frame and also a better gearing system.

Particular features which are recommended for biking starters such as dual suspension systems, disc braking, hydraulic seat dropper which are designed to make it easier to navigate.

It is important for riders to have the proper equipment for riding. These include biking shoes and most important of all is a helmet. One should also make sure to have comfortable, lightweight clothing.

Before going biking, one should get in shape because it is an aerobic sport. One should note the weather and prepare accordingly. This influences the kind of clothing to wear and also the tracks to be used that day.

It is also essential that one bring hydrating fluids on the ride.

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