Navigating Choppy Market Waters with Netpicks

Netpicks was founded in 1996 and was one of the first online stock market companies to help investors. In the more than twenty years since then, Netpicks has been part of the ups and downs of the stock market. The company is headquartered in the city of Irving, Texas and has advisors to help the rest of us succeed in the complex world of the modern stock market.

Netpicks advisors have more than twenty-five years of experience when it comes to helping investors make sense of the market at large. The client chooses the objective that he or she wants to reach.  Keep up-to-date with their latest timeline activities, visit their page.

The advisors at NEtpicks take that choice and map out the best strategy for the client to reach his or her goal. The market is one of the trickiest places to operate and in an article by MarketWatch Netpicks offers a simple strategy in order to navigate the sometimes rough waters of this summer trading season.  Useful link here.

If you keep the following rules in mind investors should be able to come out ahead when things get rough in the stock market. The first rule is if support is tested by QLD, target resistance to sell. The second rule is that if resistance breaks, sell the QLD. The third rule to keep in mind is if resistance is tested by the QID, target resistance to sell. The final thing to keep in mind is if resistance breaks, sell the QID. This strategy is known as the Lock and Walk strategy in market parlance.

These four things are best kept in mind when investing in the Nasdaq stock market and not all strategies work for different types of situations.

One thing to keep in mind when thinking about using this strategy is that it is not for long-term investors. It is a short-term plan that works most effectively when there is an up and down market in the short term.   To read an important review on Netpicks, check

With these tips and the advisors at Netpicks, the rest of us can have a shot at succeeding in the complex worlds of stock markets and that is a great thing.  Additional trading tips here.

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