Netpicks Gives Strategies to Win the Choppy Summer Trading

The low-trades during summer months on the Wall Street is not something new. But, the technology-sector selloff during the early June 2017 has changed it into a bit different mode. Previously, the traders were either showcasing confidence or arrogant attitude as a number of traders analyze that market would reach newer heights. But now, there is a level nervousness visible across the traders. Netpicks, a prominent trading tutorial and tips firm, advises the people how to fish in the troubled waters. It says that the strategies are designed for profiting from choppy market conditions. The strategy is called as “Lock and Walk,” and that showed excellent results in the past from the 2000s. Netpicks further warns that past performance is not a guarantee to future results.  To read about socially responsible investment, click on this.

It is designed to respect resistance and support levels in the index, Nasdaq 100, and do trading the ProShares Ultra QQQ and ProShares UltraShort QQQ when resistance and support are either tested or broken. By the rule, the traders should target resistance to sales if the support is tested or challenged by QLD. If the support breaks, the trader should try to sell QLD. Similarly, traders should target support to sell when the resistance is challenged by QID. If the resistance breaks, the trader should think of selling QID. Additionally, when the strategy produces 67 basis points in gain, the operations stop and wait for next session to begin again – the system is designed to do so. It is designed to take profits from short positions in troubled waters.

Since it founded in 1996, Netpicks is known for providing world-class trading education for beginners as well as seasoned traders. Interestingly, it has received Gold Standard trading education certification consistently for years. The firm has highly trained staff with more than 25 years of personal trading as well as over 15 years of trading education experience.  Read and learn from their tutorial blogs offered on their page.

Netpicks is headquartered in Irving and was founded by Mark Soberman, who is currently leading the firm as its President. It has designed specific systems and trading education materials according to the needs of the traders namely, full-time career, done in minutes, and part-time income.  For trading tips, check this link on

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